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Perhaps you should look at ActiveState's PerlScript...
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Re: Re: possible: a perl plugin for web browsers?
by drfrog (Deacon) on Aug 29, 2001 at 00:17 UTC
    as nice as that is i dont need that!
    i need perl with applet like abilities!

    from what i can tell perlscript is for asp pages?

    what i need is something where i can do realtime manipulation
    inside of the 'perl-let', in much the same way as java does

    maybe an explain is in order?

    i use a lot of vrml /web3d stuff

    they use a mechaism that is called EAI
    which stands for external application interface
    what this does is allow java to make calls back and forth to the vrml plugin
    {this can be done with other plugins too AFAIK}
    now, john stewart of freewrl {}
    has made it possible to use perl eai in freewrl
    this is great but not really deployable across multiple vrml plugins!
    what id like to see is this type of thing for perl
    as good as java is nothing beats perl for pattern matching!
    and heck i just like perl better than java!
    as well its good to have choices!!