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Don't give up :) maybe Re^2: Calling .NET Assemblies with Win32::OLE is helpful, but see below for "advice"

I have in "SystemScripter...

Thats great but SystemScripter is not an API documented on MSDN :)

... In which manner can I do this in perl ??

See Re^3: DLL or VB to Perl, seek out the API calls you need on MSDN, then find them in Win32::OLE... or Win32::API

Sorry, thats the way win32 works, the knowledge is on MSDN ... whether you're doing it "in perl" or whatever language, the knowledge is on msdn

See for yourself ... its all CLSIDFromProgID ... CLSIDFromString ... CLSIDFromRemoteRegistry ... CoCreateInstance

CLSIDFromProgID function (COM), CLSIDFromString function (COM), Defining COM Interfaces (COM)...

It seems to me you have to get the ids into the registry somehow ...

So if the above isn't working, well, then get a better error message, something you can find info on MSDN :/

more generic win32 tips