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Re: Non-fixed data in record

by demerphq (Chancellor)
on Aug 31, 2001 at 22:58 UTC ( #109496=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Non-fixed data in record

Hi Brassmon_k. So parsing CellPhone CDR's are we? Hmmm.. I bet I have a module you would like. Funny though. In germany you could go to jail for posting that. (In fact i hope you jinked the data....)

To answer you question what should you read, I would suggest just reading Perldata, perldsc (perl data structures cookbook) and perllol. That will explain data structures and the like. Also perlreftut might be a good idea, as understanding refrences is an essential part of data structures in perl.
The solutions provided by other posters are pretty good (hash of hash of array)


You are not ready to use symrefs unless you already know why they are bad. -- tadmc (CLPM)

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Re: Re: Non-fixed data in record
by brassmon_k (Sexton) on Aug 31, 2001 at 23:58 UTC
    Goutentac heir demerphq,

    or it's goutentag I always forget the spelling in Deutsch. Anyway yes I jinked the data by changing numbers and I would very much very MUCH like that module, please....See I was always looking for a CDR module but didn't know where to get it.

    See by occupation I'm a UNIX sysadmin but I was forced into writing a bunch of DB scripts/forced into PERL (I like it though..I like it alot) Our programmer got fired for harrassment....long story...Anywho my usual job is maintaining systems and setting up disk mirrors installing OS and building mainframe systems and keeping up the networks/user/logins/the whole bunch of odd jobs sysadmins have and scripting is a part of it but not like this so that is why I'm kinda of fresh to all of this. Anyway I would love that module. PS. You know the "deasn9" program for translating a full CDR. Well I wouldn't have to suffer all of this if there were an HP-UNIX version. Ericsson only gave me one for Solaris UNIX and said they had no version for HP-UNIX. You wouldn't by chance have that also? Please give me the module... That is candy....A PERL module for CDR'S!!! Please! Even though I got the idea now it was through everybodies help. Thanks PERLMONKS! and especially the people that helped me. What I don't know is why when you can write something so simple that most of you give me this highly complex code atleast from my point of view you guys are used to it. Then again I'm not to sharp at explaining code needs through words. The guy that stated exactly what I wanted wrote a whole page code. Granted it probably worked and was very efficient (I will play with it to try to learn what he did) it was to complex for me so I made my own simple simon version that works great! I tested it already by delimiting it's results by msisdn and subheading and it works great.

    The Brassmonk

    I really want that module!
      Guten Tag

      Actually I am not Deutsche, just living here.

      Sorry, I shouldnt have raised your hopes so high. There isn't really a CDR module (that I know of), basically because there are a lot of different kinds of CDR. For different switches and the like. For instance I know of at least three or four kinds just where I work.
      No the module I was refering to is called Tie::Hash::Trie and will be uploaded to CPAN by the end of the weekend and it has some properties that you might find useful if you are dealing with CDRs. I will let you know when it has be uploaded. (sorry, for the lack of details, but im in the middle of writing the pod and dont want to have to do it twice. :-)

      What I don't know is why when you can write something so simple that most of you give me this highly complex code atleast from my point of view you guys are used to it

      I can sympathize but I wont agree. You see usually a 'simple' solution provides simple results, this means it may work for a limited set of cases but meltsdown when the going gets tuff. (Good example are Godzilla!'s posts on CLPM, usually they work for the problem at hand but really are not viable for long term scenarios)
      The more complex solutions, while a little harder to understand are usually much more robust, scalable and frankly usually more usable.

      I can understand that you dont want to use code that you dont understand, but I strongly suggest that you take the time to figure out the solutions that were posted. Also that you read those docs. Perhaps if you have access to a NT or w9x box have a look at the activestate distro? They have nice html pages of all the docs laid out in a very convienient form (similer to etc) I have spent hours and hours and hours on those pages and still have more to learn.

      Anyway, good luck, and sorry for the confusion, yves

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