in reply to Is there any efficient way i can take out a specific column from hundreds of files and put it in one file?

It needs a few lines of Perl code only:
use Modern::Perl qw/2014/; use File::Find::Iterator; my $find = File::Find::Iterator->create( dir => ['d:/Perl/scripts'], filter => +\&find ); open my $FH_OUT, '>', './results.CSV' or die "Could not open results f +ile - $!"; while ( my $file = $find->next ) { open my $FH_IN, '<', $file or die "Could not open $file - $!"; say $FH_OUT join ', ', ( split /,/ )[ 0, 2 ] while (<$FH_IN>); } sub find { /GENES\d+\.csv/; }
I tested it with 1000 files of 1000 lines of 10 fields each: Extracting the first and third column and saving them in the results file took 47 seconds on my ASUS tablet with a 1.33 GHz Intel ATOM Z3740 (4 core) processor. I call that very efficient.


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