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I have code that prints html header this way with

-style => {-code=> "$page_style", 'src'=>[$_css_path,$_css_path2]},#.. +.. I just copied that line out...

this is just part of it that goes in this header:
print start_html();

My question is, if I have a page that I want to pull in a different CSS is there a way to put them all in a array instead of the way I did it, where the files are all printed into there so they are all pulled in:
@whatever = ("$_css_path","$_css_path2"); -style => {-code=> "$page_style", 'src'=>@whatever}, #....
Then if I have another path, say in this tag: $_css_path3, how would I add it? push?

Please let me know how to make it work.
Thank you. :)