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Re^3: Math::FixedPrecision and bignum clash

by thanos1983 (Parson)
on Oct 08, 2014 at 14:29 UTC ( #1103179=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Math::FixedPrecision and bignum clash
in thread Math::FixedPrecision and bignum clash

Hello again mje,

Possibly there is a conflict between the two modules, but in any case I do not think so that Math::FixedPrecision is a bad module. It can handle big float numbers just like bignum.

Sample of code:

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Math::FixedPrecision; my $x = 3.1415; my $y = Math::FixedPrecision->new($x, 3); print "$x, $y\n"; __END__ 3.1415, 3.142

It seems correct since anything above or equal to .5 should round up one unit. Which I am getting the same result with bignum.

At this point the only difference that I could find in between these two modules is that bignum also can handle big integers with precision and accuracy. It just gives you more options to play around.

Apart from that with a quick look that I took, I can not spot other differences between them.

Out of curiosity what is your test that you are running that you want to use both modules? As far as I can see if you use bignum you get anything you need.

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