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Re^2: "open" Best Practices

by haukex (Bishop)
on Jul 11, 2019 at 15:02 UTC ( #11102688=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: "open" Best Practices
in thread "open" Best Practices

Thanks, and yes, good points! The node is aimed at people using the open statement in a "non-best-practice" way, so I'd like to keep the node short enough so that they might still read it (hence all the bold text and TL;DR at the top), and I'd like to keep the focus on the open statement itself - I left out a discussion e.g. of piped opens and checking close for errors and such intentionally, because when answering questions about that, I have other nodes I'd link to instead. Perhaps your reply to my node pointing these things out is enough? :-)

Update: Ok, I've updated the root node!

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