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Perl Google Sheets API Install Problems

by jamesk (Initiate)
on Aug 07, 2019 at 15:11 UTC ( #11104105=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

jamesk has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Hi All, I am attempting to install a Perl module:


One of the dependencies is failing three tests and so will not install:


The failed tests give this output:
# Failed test at t/04_auth/04_oauth2.t line 72. # Structures begin differing at: # $got->{hd} = '' # $expected->{hd} = Does not exist # Failed test at t/04_auth/04_oauth2.t line 101. # Structures begin differing at: # $got->{hd} = '' # $expected->{hd} = Does not exist # Failed test at t/04_auth/04_oauth2.t line 124. # Structures begin differing at: # $got->{hd} = '' # $expected->{hd} = Does not exist # Looks like you failed 3 tests of 28. t/04_auth/04_oauth2.t .................................. Dubious, test + returned 3 (wstat 768, 0x300) Failed 3/28 subtests t/05_types.t ........................................... Any::Moose is + deprecated. Please use Moo instead at t/05_types.t line 6. t/05_types.t ........................................... ok Test Summary Report ------------------- t/04_auth/04_oauth2.t (Wstat: 768 Tests +: 28 Failed: 3) Failed tests: 9, 22, 28 Non-zero exit status: 3 Files=24, Tests=423, 4 wallclock secs ( 0.10 usr 0.03 sys + 4.14 cu +sr 0.40 csys = 4.67 CPU) Result: FAIL Failed 1/24 test programs. 3/423 subtests failed. Makefile:801: recipe for target 'test_dynamic' failed make: *** [test_dynamic] Error 255 Terminal does not support GetHistory. Lockfile removed. DANJOU/Net-Google-DataAPI-0.2805.tar.gz /usr/bin/make test -- NOT OK //hint// to see the cpan-testers results for installing this module, t +ry: reports DANJOU/Net-Google-DataAPI-0.2805.tar.gz Failed during this command: DANJOU/Net-Google-DataAPI-0.2805.tar.gz : make_test NO
It would appear at least one other person has had the same problem:

Assuming that this module is essential for what I'm doing, can anybody shed some light on it? Is it me doing something wrong or is it a genuine bug with the module? Alternative options are very welcome. I essentially need to send data that Perl has to an existing Google Sheet.

If it matters I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.4.0-21-generic x86_64) with Perl v5.22.1

Thanks, James

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Re: Perl Google Sheets API Install Problems
by stevieb (Canon) on Aug 07, 2019 at 20:41 UTC

    What I found, is that in the t/04_auth/04_oauth2.t test file, there's a query that looks like it adds a field that the test file wasn't expecting.

    The repository appears to be a bit problematic and I don't have time to sort it out currently, but you can add the following line:

    hd => '',

    ...on lines 78, 108 and 134 of that test file, then run:

    perl Makefile.PL make make test make install

    You can download the distribution from here.

    Knowing that these three test failures are not significant and won't cause any harm, you can also install from CPAN with force (which isn't something one should normally do):

    cpanm -f Net::Google::DataAPI
      That's such a relief that it wasn't just me being a fool!

      It's worked perfectly. Thank you for trying it and giving me the instructions. I had considered doing something similar to what you suggested, but I wasn't sure at all of what to do exactly.

      Thanks, James

        I notice you're new around here jamesk (welcome to the Monastery, by the way!), so if this isn't a one-off question and you're still listening, I'd be willing to fix this issue, as well as other blatant warnings to push back to the CPAN, so long as you'll hang around and test it in a real environment.

        Are you available for this type of work?

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