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I have 2 PCs, my main (OS: Win10) will run a program.

While the program is running on my main PC, my 2nd PC, (with the Ubuntu OS) will run a Query terminal.

I need a script to do the following, (IP and starting port shown are examples):

The script runs 12.345.67.890:25000 querying that program.

That IP and Port gets entered followed by \status\ .

Once those 2 inputs are done and there is no return/reply from that program, then it does this.

Same ip address but this time the port "inc +1".


It keeps doing that port "inc" until there is a return/reply from the program.

Once the program has sent a return/reply, that script stops, leaving that information on screen in Terminal.

Is this even possible to do?

I need this script! I hope it can be done!

If need be, I would gladly pay someone for this!