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I was looking to get the wxWidgets modules working on my system. I ran into some problems installing the Wx distribution.

I'm using the following:

Perl: Strawberry Perl 5.26.1 Module: Wx 0.99.32

I can install it via CPAN or CPANM. Errors occur when I attempt to test it. The error reported is:

lib C++ ABI 1008 perl C++ ABI 1011

Cpan testers reports some successes and failures for this module version and this perl version. I'd like to figure out what went wrong so I can fix it. I suspect there is a compiler flag in the Wx module that needs to be changed, but I'm not exactly sure where to change it. Can anyone give guidance?

Edit: Thanks for the input regarding re-compilation of other modules. Now I have some idea on what to do next. Final question: What is the easiest way to check what compiler flags are set for a specific module? I tried reading the sources of Makefile.PL, but there seems to be other modules in the graph where these things are defined.