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Hello anautismobserver and welcome to the monastery and to the wonderful world of perl!

Perl is powerful enough to achieve this with a oneliner (pay attention to windows doublequotes)

perl -MHTML::TreeBuilder -e "print HTML::TreeBuilder->new_from_url('')->as_text"

The above combines two steps: getting the raw html content from the url (using LWP::UserAgent under the hood) and formatting the output as text.

Web scraping is a dark art and could be achieved in many distinct ways. You can follow some link in my bibliotheca: web scraping or visit previous threads like Re: How can I download HTML and save it as txt?

As you presented yourself as a principiant please note that the -M switch of perl import a module as described in perlrun and the concatenations of methods ( ->new_from_url(..)->as_text ) is just a shortcut to avoid unnecessary variable declaration.

PS you can also use other modules to do the web scrape part as suggested by Task::Kensho that is a fairly good collection of modules from CPAN. Also other modules are worth to try like Mojo::Dom or Web::Scraper as suggested in The State of Web spidering in Perl


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