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I'm trying to use Imager::GIF "a handy module for animated GIF processing" to scale images but get an error when trying to write:

Usage: i_writegif_wiol(IO,hashref, images...) at .../Imager/File/ line 84.

The module has no real tests (just one: will it load) so it looks good to the Testers. I can see what it's trying to do and could cargo-cult it into my own code but I can't see what's wrong, can you?

#!/usr/bin/perl use strict; use warnings; use Imager::GIF; my $gif = shift || die 'need an image'; my $img = Imager::GIF->new; $img->read(file => $gif) or die $img->errstr; $img = $img->scale(scalefactor => 0.5); $img->write(file => join '.', $gif, 'half', 'gif') or die $img->errstr;
Thanks for your attention to this matter.