in reply to Why not perl have raw/native type

“Wow.   My reputation still precedes me.” Whodathunkit?

Nonetheless, I will once again dare to chime in personally to say that "it is laughably silly," in today's technical cornucopia, to suggest that "human-perceptible slowdowns" could be attributable to "interpreter-level type conversions."   Exactly how many microseconds do you think it takes a modern-day processor to make the necessary "wasteful" decisions and conversions?

But also(!) ... Why do you think it matters anymore?

Today, most companies are embracing "containers" and "microservices," with the associated introduction of [albeit, "virtual" ...] network(!) protocols into what heretofore had been simple procedure-calls.   Now more than ever, the importance of "actual profiling" cannot be dismissed ... and, that such profiling must now be done, not merely on "the developer's machine," but in actual production environments ... and before(!!) the to-be-deployed eventual design is accepted.

Today, quite frankly, “your [Perl ...] application” is no longer the whole it is but a piece.   One interpreted language, perhaps, among many.   Certainly, now, “the sovereign master of its ... ... ... container.”   Nothing more.