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I had the requirement to build a text table with Template::Toolkit. It's for the purpose of sending tabular data in a plain text mail.

As I couldn't find any module, I built my own TextTable filter.

An example table could look like this:

[% FILTER $TextTable %] >>ID<<|<<Name<<|>>Value>> ------+--------+--------- <<1>><<Bank ABC>><<5,740.00>> <<2>><<Super Fund>><<12,280.00>> <<1003>><<Big Savings Bank>><<430.00>> [% END %]

And the result would be

ID | Name | Value ----+----------------+--------- 1 |Bank ABC | 5,740.00 2 |Super Fund |12,280.00 1003|Big Savings Bank| 430.00

My Filter Plugin simply parses the text and translates it into Text::Table code.

I'm wondering whether or not the plugin could be useful for others, so my questions are:

Thanks for your attention.