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Hello monks

This task should be trivial...but when I insert/update a record in my MySQL database with a value containing special characters, the special characters are not saved. No special message. Why?

#shortened script #getting pars with CGI my $q = CGI->new(); my $LicenseKey = $q->param('key'); my $UserName = $q->param('user'); my $UserPW = $q->param('pw'); my $dbhServer = DBI->connect("DBI:mysql:$db:$host", $user, $pass); my $sth = $dbhServer->prepare("INSERT INTO Accounts VALUES (?, ?, ?, ? +, ?)"); $sth->execute(undef, $LicenseKey, $UserName, $UserPW, $date) || print +("ERROR EXECUTION: " . $dbhServer->errstr); #same with updating my $sth = $dbhServer->prepare('update Accounts set UserName=?, Passwor +d=? WHERE LicenseKey=?'); $sth->execute($UserName, $UserPW, $LicenseKey)|| print ("ERROR EXECUTI +ON: " . $dbhServer->errstr); $dbhServer->disconnect;