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Having issues with PDF::API2. We are creating PDF output starting with a watermark/background (lines for the form and a bitmap logo) and then overlay text on top. The database text overlay never has any trouble. It's the background PDF we are wrestling with.

Computer 1: template.pdf is read in by the script, we overlay the text, all is well with the generated PDF. The background form and logo show up with the text on top, just as expected.

Computer 2: template.pdf is read in by the script, and only part of it renders properly in the final PDF. The overlay text renders just fine, so I don't think the PDF gets entirely corrupted. The template files are identical on both computers.

#1 has PDF::API2 version 2.023 and #2 has 2.033, so I thought maybe I could downgrade. But testing with v2.023 on #2 has the same problem.

Experimented with dozens of variations on the template file. Made a simple 3-rectangle background in Illustrator as the template, and that worked fine. Added a white blob with bezier curves on top of the rectangles, updated the template, and then none of the rectangles showed up, either, as if the whole template was empty. Removed the blob and added a white oval (which is also bezier curves), and that worked 100% fine. So far I can't find the pattern.

So I'm concluding that somewhere between my $bg = $pdf->importPageIntoForm( $bg, 1 ); and $page->gfx->formimage( $bg, 0, 0, 1.0 ) something is going south on #2 but not on #1. Right?

Suggestions on how to troubleshoot this are welcome. :/