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So , i created multiple frames using "For loop" purposefully, not unintentionally. what i observe that, Mainwindow is not able to show all those frame, i need to add scrollbar so that i can scroll down and see them. But since we can't add scrollbars directaly to MainWindow ? is there any way to scroll down .

for my $i(@array) { @var=split('=',$i); my $frame=$mw->Frame()->pack(); my $label_index=$frame->Label(-text=>"$x",-width=>10,-relief=>'gro +ove')->pack(-side=>"left"); my $label_name=$frame->Label(-text=>"$var[0]",-width=>30,-relief=> +'groove')->pack(-side=>"left"); my $label_value=$frame->Label(-text=>"$var[1]",-width=>25,-relief= +>'groove')->pack(-side=>"left"); my $label_description=$frame->Entry(-text=>"description",-width=>3 +0,-relief=>'groove')->pack(-side=>"left"); $x=$x+1; }

there are 100's of entries inside array, so loop will generate that much frames.