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are all things equal between these two frameworks

I don't use either of them. Now and again I go back and have another look as many fellow monks are wont to rave about one or the other but neither has yet enticed me enough to dive in. That said there are clearly some differences between them and that may or may not influence a decision to go with one or the other. It depends largely on which attributes you deem most important.

Non-core direct deps28none
Open issues10646
Issues resolved this year1329
Metacpan ++115 (47 PAUSErs)427 (181 PAUSErs)
Last release27th May3rd June
Non-dev releases this year417
Test coverage84%90%
Kwalitee150 (96.88 core)156.25 (96.88 core)
Reverse deps (direct)168 (148)964 (858)
LicenceAs PerlArtistic 2

Numbers correct at time of posting (E&OE). No doubt you can pick other metrics of importance to you. Given the recent releases from both, comparing the smoke tester pass/fail ratio seemed not to be useful (and they both have good records there anyway).