in reply to Constructive thoughts on Dancer2 v Mojolicious

When I was looking around frameworks, the question that settled my mind was the tutorials. Mojolicious had the Mojocasts which got me hooked from the beginning. (warning: a little dated, Mojo has moved on and the tutorials aren't as up to date)

Work has been using Dancer2 which is alright. In fact, I find that learning one framework is transferable. The only thing I miss is Test::Mojo. We even use a bit of Mojo::Dom in places.

There are books on both: Mojolicious Web Clients by brian d foy and Single page applications by Gábor Szabó. Perhaps more importantly, find out which conferences you can get to easily or what the local Perl Mongers are using. That kind of meat-space support is invaluable in getting into the deeper corners of what is possible.

If you still can't decide, flip a coin and get started. Beat the analysis-paralysis. Best of luck.


Sometimes I can think of 6 impossible LDAP attributes before breakfast.

Mojoconf was great!