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Dear Monks,

use Geo::IP; my $gi = Geo::IP->open("/somedirectory/dat/GeoIP.dat"); my $record = $gi->record_by_addr(''); print $record->country_code, $record->country_code3, $record->country_name, $record->region, $record->region_name, $record->city, $record->postal_code, $record->latitude, $record->longitude, $record->time_zone, $record->area_code, $record->continent_code, $record->metro_code;

The output I got from the above (based on the code at is:


I was expecting to see a country name in the print outputs...

Am I missing something here?

Also, the GeoIP.dat file is no longer available at Maxmind) so I'm using a previous version. How or where do I get the new dat format?