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The Perl Conference changed my life in many ways. As it was coincident with great upheavels due to covid, it becomes hard to separate the two. A lot of real world shtuff has been going on, that I've had to deal directly with, as a civic-minded resident of Portland, OR. Also, the American West is on fire, and I'm grateful that I'm in one of the few places without smoke to breathe.

That's the paragraph where I've been stuck for quite a while now. That bit about being one of the few places without smoke has certainly changed, and I am stuck inside. So, lots of Big Changes for Aldebaran, and my computing capability needs to be commensurate. Some of the notions I will write about were discussed in this conference, and I have needed *this long* to research them somewhat and come up to speed.

The first thing I need is a new web host. After watching the conference with this is mind, I realize that there's no 'one size fits all' option. The following should be the specs:

I need to figure out the whole thing again from scratch; my previous website is gone. I ask for help to build back better.