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Hello bliako,

So good to "see" friendly faces when I'm otherwise pretty cooped up. My dog might be getting sick of me.

I don't mean to roll in here and be all OT; it's a bit of a crash landing for me sometimes, before we can set up and start writing perl again. Right about now I miss usenet. It was as my subscription to went dead despite my bill being paid that I started back into the monastery and switched from bash to perl scripting. I'm glad for that, but I wish there were a room around here where we talk about all the gadgets where this stuff is supposed to work. I did notice how much of the perl conference was about issues that border on perl as opposed to on perl itself. An exception to that was Sawyer's talk.

As he was talking, I thought, "I want to get hooked up to an audio-visual capability like his." I frankly didn't realize how big a hole I was in. This hole exists in proportion to the size of the number of people who rely on me and their frailties as well. For the first time ever, my family might not be getting together for Thanksgiving. I want to have the capability to do a zoom thanksgiving for those who stay put.

Has anyone here tried to use perl to script with the target being an ipad?

Same question with Fire HD 8 tablet from amazon?

There were several people who talked about applications for phones in the conference. Which phones work better? The answer is not a google pixel. I can't even answer my damn phone with that reliably. I was able to run perl scripts on termux, but the gui just isn't good enough.

In particular, it's not big enough, and that's why I'm trying to crowdsource tablets.

Also, what is the difference between a phone, a tablet and a laptop besides the topology of the plastic that houses it?

It rained last night. There's so much relief in the air. Clouds have returned instead of the creosote, CO, SO2 umbrella. I think we're gonna make it.