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Logging and tracing with DBIx::Simple

by kaldor (Acolyte)
on Dec 16, 2020 at 22:39 UTC ( #11125312=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

kaldor has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Dear Monks,

I need some advice about logging with DBIx::Simple (+ SQL::Interp), since I can't figure it out myself.

I'd like a unified way to trace the SQL queries and log the application errors, so something like Log::Any seems the way to go. Of course, I'd rather see the placeholders replaced by quoted bind values in my logs, like DBI::Log does (but limited to DBI tracing). And there's also DBIx::LogAny.

If it's possible to use DBIx::Simple and DBIx::LogAny together, then I don't understand how to do it. For example, DBIx::Simple::connect seems to call DBI::connect and DBIx::LogAny::connect calls SUPER::connect, so what will happen if I use both modules? Should I pass them $dbh, but then in what order?


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Re: Logging and tracing with DBIx::Simple
by ablanke (Parson) on Dec 17, 2020 at 00:21 UTC
    # SQL::Interp prints DEBUG to STDERR # whether TRACE_SQL is enabled # # my $trace_sql_enabled = $ENV{TRACE_SQL} || 0; # $trace_sql_enabled and print STDERR "DEBUG:interp[sql=$sql,bind=". j +oin(':', @bind) . "]\n"; # TRACE_SQL=1 perl use strict; use warnings; use feature 'say'; use DBIx::LogAny; use DBIx::Simple; use Log::Any::Adapter ('File', './log_file.log'); use SQL::Interp; # connect to your DB using DBIx::LogAny my $dbh = DBIx::LogAny->connect('dbi:SQLite:dbname=file.dat'); # Using an existing database handle (DBIx::LogAny) for DBIx::Simple my $db = DBIx::Simple->connect($dbh); # make your query $db->iquery('SELECT 1')->into(my $one); say $one;
    call your script with enabled SQL::Interp SQL Trace:
    TRACE_SQL=1 perl DEBUG:interp[sql=SELECT 1,bind=] 1
    DBIx::LogAny log output:
    [Thu Dec 17 01:15:15 2020] connect(0): dbi:SQLite:dbname=file.dat, , $ +attr = undef; [Thu Dec 17 01:15:15 2020] DBI: 1.643 , DBIx::LogAny: 0.06, Driver: SQ +Lite(1.66) [Thu Dec 17 01:15:15 2020] prepare(0.0): 'SELECT 1' [Thu Dec 17 01:15:15 2020] execute(0.0) [Thu Dec 17 01:15:15 2020] finish(0.0) [Thu Dec 17 01:15:15 2020] finish(0.0)

      That's precisely what I needed, thank you!

Re: Logging and tracing with DBIx::Simple
by perlfan (Vicar) on Dec 18, 2020 at 17:56 UTC
    Not sure how integrated of an experience you want, but Log::Log4perl might also be an option for you.

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