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poll ideas quest 2021

by pollsters
on Jan 01, 2021 at 02:00 UTC ( #11126065=quest: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Quest starts at:Jan 01, 2021 at 05:00 UTC
Quest ends at:Jan 01, 2022 at 04:59 UTC

This quest is still active!

First, read How do I create a Poll?. Then suggest your poll here. Complete ideas are more likely to be used.

Note that links may be used in choices but not in the title.

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Re: poll ideas quest 2021
by thomas895 (Deacon) on Feb 18, 2021 at 03:04 UTC

    Am I really the first this year? Ok then, here goes:

    My favorite kind of desktop background/wallpaper is:

    • A photo of people (family, friends, myself, ...)
    • A photo of my pet(s)
    • A photo of something man-made (cars, machines, etc.)
    • A photo of nature, space, or something else not man-made
    • An abstract pattern
    • Artwork, digital or photographed
    • A solid color
    • Whatever my desktop environment has set for me by default
    • I haven't seen my background in weeks, too many windows covering it!

    And if you have one you really like, feel free to share in the comments!

    "Excuse me for butting in, but I'm interrupt-driven..."

      Not that I use it, but I miss a gallery option: something where the background changes every X period.

      Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn

        I thought about that, but since only a single choice is possible, better to just restrict to one (pick your favorite ;-).

        At least on my PC, the rotating gallery is all of the same type of picture

        "Excuse me for butting in, but I'm interrupt-driven..."
Re: poll ideas quest 2021 (Perl 7)
by hippo (Chancellor) on Apr 29, 2021 at 10:58 UTC

    Perl 7 will be out

    • by Christmas
    • Next year
    • 15 years from now by which time it will be a completely different language
    • It's just a number, so who cares?

    Update: replaced "This year" with the suggested far superior "by Christmas".


      • by Christmas
Re: poll ideas quest 2021 (perls)
by hippo (Chancellor) on Mar 04, 2021 at 09:16 UTC

    What does the "s" stand for in perls?

    Our eminent brother kcott cannot remember what the "s" stands for in perls. What do you suppose is its real meaning?

    • Sum
    • Short
    • Shell
    • Swift
    • Super
    • Speedy
    • Simple
    • Subliminal
    • Stupendous
    • Slam-dunk
    • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

    Update: Added "Sum" for 1nickt.

    Update 2: De-linkified title for pollsters.


      "Sum" (but I vote for Mary Poppins).

      The way forward always starts with a minimal test.


      "Excuse me for butting in, but I'm interrupt-driven..."
Re: poll ideas quest 2021
by eyepopslikeamosquito (Bishop) on Jun 07, 2021 at 09:16 UTC

    My primary motivation for participating at Perl Monks is:

    • Anticipated reciprocity - I'm motivated to contribute valuable information in the expectation that I'll receive useful help and information in return.
    • Recognition - I want to receive recognition for my contributions, aka Egoboo, and so become an Internet celebrity (like the LanX :).
    • Sense of efficacy - I contribute valuable information because this results in a sense of efficacy, that is, a sense that I'm capable of achieving my desired outcome.
    • Sense of community - I am a social being, motivated by receiving direct responses to my contributions.
    • Self-discovery - I want to develop new perspectives on myself.
    • Personal influence - I want to become more powerful by influencing others, and so become a member of a perceived global upper-class.
    • Enjoyment - It entertains and amuses me to play with and interact with other monks.

    See also these two previous polls:

      May this falls into what 1nickt proposed, but I joined PM (and am still here mainly because of that) to find out what problems people have with my modules and address them accordingly and give feedback here. I think, next to being a plain help-forum, PM is a great way to exchange ideas and feedback on existing modules and module-ideas.

      The chat is nice as a semi-social non-archived channel of communicating with like-minded people.

      Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn

        I think, next to being a plain help-forum, PM is a great way to exchange ideas and feedback on existing modules and module-ideas
        True. Though I come here mainly to relax and have fun. So what attracts me to this site is its quirky history and culture, as noted by PM legend Erudil:

        Perlmonks is a strange beast.
        It's largely a newbie-help site,
        but also contains a handful of
        Things of Terrifying Beauty

        -- Erudil quoting robin cited at Terrifying Beauty

        This is in stark contrast to SO -- though I've posted a question or two there, I never felt the urge to hang out once it was answered. To me, the SO culture felt cold and disconnected: stay on topic, don't waste time socializing, just deliver the facts.

      The way forward always starts with a minimal test.
Re: poll ideas quest 2021
by tomasz (Acolyte) on Jun 06, 2021 at 13:11 UTC
    Let's find out if people have any preference for letters. This might shed some grim light on polls listing choices using letter indices, as they may affect respondents' responses. Here we go then.

    What's you favourite latin letter?
    • a
    • b
    • c
    • d
    • e
    • f
    • g
    • h
    • i
    • j
    • k
    • l
    • m
    • n
    • o
    • p
    • q
    • r
    • s
    • t
    • u
    • v
    • w
    • x
    • y
    • z

      I chose 'c'. Not because it's my favorite letter, but because the third choice listed is always my preferred.

        That's a fair point. But what do you choose when there are only two possibilities?
      • The first available not-yet-used single letter variable. (starting with $c as $a and $b are magic)
      • The first letter of today, whatever it happens to be
      • The first letter of the data type. If it is already in use, use a capital letter
      • I have a random letter picker program for that (shurtcut key available in my IDE)
      • I pick a Unicode character, just to make it hard for others

      Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn

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