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Diary of a Zydeco experiment - E04 - Renaming

by Smonff (Scribe)
on Jan 08, 2021 at 16:16 UTC ( #11126613=perlmeditation: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

This is the fourth episode, and after Diary of a Zydeco experiment - E03 - Errors for fun and success, I came back here to deliver some news. The project is not progressing much since I had to move recently and have to renovate a house. I never spent so much time away from my machine (how sad).

Anyway I am seriously thinking about changing the namespace for the Art::World project and move it to the Acme:: namespace... This thing looks more and more like an experiment that will surely never be used by anybody except me and I see it humbly as an artwork by itself, but I guess it will be the final project. It's not like people would start to use it as a dependency. Or maybe only for showing examples of my bad coding practices.

Since September 22nd, a small amount of tasks have been started:

  • switched the project to only one large module, trying to make it the Zydeco way,
  • moved the ideology documentation to a separate pod
  • added Underground, Space and Market roles
  • Nested playground and Place classes
  • Added Event, Opening, Sex, Collective, Magazine, Institution, Squat, Workshop, Website, Critic, Article, and Book classes
  • Applied Collector type constraints on class Artist and role Collectionable
  • Removed the Wildlife class since it is redundant with Art::World Agent
  • tobyink suggested the removal of duplicated attributes in nested classes
  • added a Fame role and moved the Agent reputation there
  • forced the Collector->collection to be composed of Artwork(s)
  • listed contributors of the project
  • created various Collector methods like sale() or acquire()
  • tried to use Type::Tiny more efficiently and upgrading to its last version that offered non quoted types constraints for attributes (see RT #133448)
  • adding a Makefile
  • introduced Conf::Tiny
  • added a minimal Meta toolkit
  • limited Perl version to > 5.24.0
  • Event is now a Role, not a Class because we do composition, not multiple inheritance
  • enabling the postderef feature everywhere because we are so MODERN
Finally, it was quite a lot... Cant wait to rename to Acme::Art::World !


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