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MCE - introduction?

by Aaronrp (Scribe)
on Apr 27, 2021 at 20:58 UTC ( [id://11131767]=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Aaronrp has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

Can anyone recommend a gentle introduction to MCE? The docs are full of examples but I'm just not getting it. Maybe someone's given a talk somewhere?


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Re: MCE - introduction?
by 1nickt (Canon) on Apr 28, 2021 at 13:36 UTC

    Hi Aaron

    I have given a couple of talks on MCE and MCE::Shared. You can see the slides here.

    In the mean time, please describe the task you are attempting to accomplish. Usually you can simply wrap your code with some MCE syntax and parallelize it. I'll be glad to help.

    Hope this helps!

    The way forward always starts with a minimal test.
Re: MCE - introduction?
by Anonymous Monk on Apr 28, 2021 at 02:03 UTC
Re: MCE - introduction?
by perlfan (Vicar) on Apr 28, 2021 at 07:15 UTC
    If you're not familiar with managing child processes and fork, get familiar with Parallel::ForkManager. MCE just provides some communication conveniences for child processes. You have to be more specific about your needs, though. PDL and SPVM might provide some avenues for your needs. For true shared memory lightweight threads, you'll have to look outside of perl. Qore might be a programming language and runtime environment that appeals to your needs as well.
Re: MCE - introduction?
by karlgoethebier (Abbot) on Apr 28, 2021 at 20:15 UTC

    Search for «Threads from Hell». Not very gentle but sometimes instructive. Best regards, Karl

    «The Crux of the Biscuit is the Apostrophe»

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