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Re^2: Perl5.26 installing Tk module manually

by syphilis (Bishop)
on May 11, 2021 at 01:24 UTC ( #11132366=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Perl5.26 installing Tk module manually
in thread Perl5.26 installing Tk module manually

I think this has a lot of promise.

Are you saying that every time you decide to install a new module, you simply get AS to build a fresh perl distro that includes this module ?
Having to wait over half an hour every time I want to install a new module is not something that I would describe as having much promise.

Or do they just update your existing msi that's still sitting on their server, and then have you download that modified msi (which you can then install over the top) ?
That wouldn't be so bad. It's a bit more wasteful than necessary, but then what isn't wasteful, these days ;-)

Or something else ?

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Re^3: Perl5.26 installing Tk module manually
by Marshall (Canon) on May 11, 2021 at 03:08 UTC
    Hi Rob!

    No, I am not saying that every new module installation requires a complete Perl rebuild.
    I think you can still do ">cpan install XXX".

    In this thread, I saw a question like: "unable to install Tk".
    AS (Active State) is saying that they can build a custom version that includes
    massive packages like Tk - and that this build process will work.
    If you can select the package(s) in their GUI, the build will succeed, meaning that all dependencies will be resolved.

    I don't think you have to do this for every package. Based upon the feedback so far, it appears that my AS 5.26 custom build with Tk DID WORK.
    That was the OP's question: asked and I think answered, albeit in an xy way!

      I think you can still do ">cpan install XXX".

      I meant to specify "a new XS module", but I left out the crucial "XS" :-(
      IIRC, there was no C toolchain provided with the AS perl distro that I tried some months ago, I couldn't quickly find out how to get hold of their somewhat ageing mingw-w64 port of gcc-4.6.3, and using one of the more recent gcc compilers (that I do have) failed for reasons that I can't now recall.
      (I thought I posted here about that experience, but I'm damned if I can find it and am therefore unable to provide more details about it.)
      Do they provide a means of grabbing a copy of their gcc-4.6.3 compiler ?

      Anyway ... if you have the time to try installing an XS module (eg cpan -i Math::LongDouble), I'd be interested to know how you get on.
      I'm not at all predisposed to rubbishing them, but my intermittent experiences with AS perl have been ones of dissatisfaction for quite a few years now.

        Hi Rob!

        As near as I remember, the gcc version comes if you install the AS CPAN module.
        As I mentioned, I am at v 5.24.
        Added: I guess for v5.26 or v5.28, you perhaps would have to fork a new version like I did to add Tk in addition to Tkx in 5.26. Then add CPAN to the public reference project (in addition to Tk) if it is not already there?

        I didn't try that, but I ran your suggested command in my command window, (eg cpan -i Math::LongDouble). Here are results in a readmore tag.
        This is "verbatim", except that I edited out my user id on this machine.
        Cheers, Marshall

        Another PS: I looked at my custom AS build of 5.26 with Tk and I could add Math::LongDouble from to that fork, if I wanted to it that way. I do suspect that it would be possible manually add just this one module like I did for v5.24 on my machine. In the current world where computing power, memory and storage are getting to the "don't worry about it" stage, build strategies that would have been unthinkable before are now not only thinkable, but plausible and workable.

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