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Hi Monks!
I'm using Devel::Cover. I run my script on two different hosts (to test different envs). Let's call the first and the second one host X and host Y, respectively for convince.
The code that I test is the same on both sites (it's being copied first to those sites, before running the script).
I want to create one merged HTML report of those results (from both hosts). The way I run Devel::Cover:
perl -MDevel::Cover=-silent,1,-db,${cover_db_path}" ${perl_script}
It creates the coverage db and then I can use the "cover" script to create the HTML report.

As I mentioned, I want to create one merged report of those dbs (from the two hosts). The problem is that the ${perl_script} is located in two different places. In host X I have /a/b/repo/ and in host Y I have /x/y/repo/ (please note that all of the perl scripts that I'm interested in are located under "repo" directory).
So I can sum up three problems that dependent on each other:
1. I can copy the cover_db from those sites but running the cover script will not work since it will not find those paths locally. It will create the report but it will have N/A for those paths, which of course makes sense, since it needs the source code.
2. I can run the cover script remotely on each site and create the reports but then how do I merge those HTML reports?
3. If it was possible to merge the HTML reports, how can I make them understand that /a/b/repo/* is the same as /x/y/repo/*?

I don't want it to become an X-Y problem so I would ask this - How would you merge two cover dbs that are located on two different hosts?