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How can I override at run time the directory where Mojo searches for the file "html_entities.txt"? The reason is that I am trying to use PAR pp to create an executable of an application using Mojo on Windows 10, but the exe fails with the following error:

Unable to open html entities file (C:\Users\de\AppData\Local\Temp\par- +6663\cache-9973dd41d00e8bee27c9630746780ae38da71709\inc\lib\Mojo\reso +urces\html_entities.txt): No such file or directory at C:\Users\de\Ap +pData\Local\Temp\par-6663\cache-9973dd41d00e8bee27c9630746780ae38da71 +709\inc\lib/Mojo/ line 14.

I already tried to add to the file explicitly:

-a "C:\Strawberry\perl\vendor\lib\Mojo\resources;Mojo/resources"

with no effect. So probably copying and pasting the file into my data structure and instruct Mojo to search there could be a fix. Any suggestion?

2021-07-09 Athanasius fixed over-long code block.