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> > Obviously Perl needs to escape the backslash inside a regex

> not after interpolation of variables like $bs

I have to correct myself, it depends on the side of the substitution

d:\>perl -E"for $x (qw/C:\berrybrew\test C:\berrybrew /) {$_=$x; $bs=c +hr(92); s#$bs$bs#<${bs}>#g; say}" C:<\>berrybrew<\>test C:<\>berrybrew d:\>

or to eliminate the Win command line

use v5.12; use warnings; use Data::Dump; my $bs=chr(92); for my $x (qw/C:\berrybrew\test C:\berrybrew /) { $_=$x; s#$bs$bs#<${bs}>#g; say; #ddx $_; } $_='$bs'; s/\$bs/<$&>/; say;
C:<\>berrybrew<\>test C:<\>berrybrew <$bs>
so this might be the OPs original problem

see also

s/RegEx/substitutions/: Variable interpolation and when to use /e - modifiers

Cheers Rolf
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