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I need help with WWW::Mechanize to automate a login to a page that uses Duo-Authentication. I am able to load the credentials and login but I need to silently pass the second check using the information that is saved in the cookies by the browser (Chrome or any other browser if necessary). Once this is achieved I should be able to things I was able to do before the implementation of the Duo-Authentication.

What does this sound like to me? Duo-Authentication is a new thing connoting dual-authentication, which can be achieved in a variety of ways. I identify Duo with the google toolchain, and it's just like them to lay claim to a semi-word.

Meanwhile, WWW::Mechanize is not new. It is not trimmed out for what the internet has become. What's more, your objective seems to be to bypass this authentication with cookies. Preventing you from what you're attempting is the raison d'etre for duo-authentication.

I don't know what all goes into a cookie, but it's not the data you need for the *next* duo-verification. You could put a lot of cases to rest by posting the URL you are trying to outwit.