in reply to Inline::CUDA : looking for feedback

G'day bliako,

We had some discussions about CUDA a few weeks ago (Perl GPGPU Modules) so I was looking forward to trying this out. I downloaded and extracted the files from github without any problems.

I do have all of the prerequisite components (nvcc, special compiler, etc.). Just as an FYI for others, the SDK was about a 2Gb download (from memory). I'm running Cygwin on Win10: the version of SDK I got lives in "Program Files/NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit/CUDA". The spaces are a problem.

When running 'perl Makefile.PL', it correctly found '/cygdrive/c/Program Files/NVIDIA GPU Computing Toolkit/CUDA/v11.4/bin/nvcc' but then immediately failed with 'Can't exec "/cygdrive/c/Program": No such file or directory ...".

I expect I could find a work-around myself (e.g. create a symlink, modify 'Inline::CUDA::Utils::find_dependencies', etc.); although, I haven't looked into this in any detail.

I suspect others running Strawberry Perl, ActivePerl, and so on, may run into exactly the same problem. The solution may be as simple as quoting one or more pathnames. It would be great if you could look into this; I'm more than happy to help out with testing.

— Ken