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Re^3: OT using m$ increases entropy

by bliako (Abbot)
on Oct 18, 2021 at 16:37 UTC ( [id://11137690]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: OS agnostic C&P CLI snippets with -E
in thread OS agnostic C&P CLI snippets with -E

but I'm still considering me very much a Linux person.

If that's a consolation, so was Stanley Kubrick (ahead of his time as usual): (via - no affiliation, just a non-retro follower)

My job requires me to work on Win

LanX, I am not a lawyer but that's probably a health hazard, like working with asbestos in the old days :)

I'm surprised how many people here are very vocal about their tribal instincts regarding OS, ... other languages

Count me in (*n[ui]x, !python) and I well hope it is not just a "tribal instinct". My motivation is simply to keep the world sanity count at Age_of_Enlightenment levels. No man is an island, someone out there using m$ affects me. e.g. when my internet banking supported only that dreaded 666, the internet explorer. Albeit, all above served with a big smiling face, I am not condensending yet Fletch++.

Untested theory: using m$ increases entropy. Although keeping track on all of us seems lke it is reducing it (re: spying,filing&archiving).

bw, bliako

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