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Re^3: Purpose of =~ and = in this statement

by Marshall (Canon)
on May 25, 2022 at 20:06 UTC ( [id://11144186]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

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    $chapter =~ s/\D+//g;   # remove all non-digit characters 
    # or perhaps to avoid the /g flag, (I wouldn't code it this way
                                         # before or after the digits
    # try the above with "XX546YYY", just "453ZZ" and "AAA123ZZZ77548" as
    # cases to probe the limits... what happens if it is not just "11VI"?
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    my $x = "3";
    if ($x > 3){...}
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    my $x = "chapter 5";
    print "chap 5 ok!" if $x == 5;
    # chapter 5 is ok now!
    # The string got "fixed" to be completely numeric
    # Then when Perl made it into binary number to compare against 5, it w
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    $x = "00005";
    print "$x\n";  #yields "00005"
    $x += 0; #adding zero forces numeric conversion
    print "$x\n";  #yields "5"

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