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Recordings for TPC 2022 in Houston

by LanX (Sage)
on Jun 27, 2022 at 10:12 UTC ( #11145106=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

TPC 2022 in Houston (Youtube)

Cheers Rolf
(addicted to the Perl Programming Language :)
Wikisyntax for the Monastery


TPC 2022 in Houston

Conference in the Cloud! A Perl and Raku Conf

  1. Raku -Ofun for Everyone - Daniel Sockwell
  2. People still use Perl? - Ruth Halloway
  3. Introducing Perl Data Types - Will Braswell
  4. TPF Summer Activities 2013-2023 - Makoto Nozaki & Stéphane Gigandet
  5. Taming the Unicode Beast - Felipe Gasper
  6. Stealing an idea from Perl, and bringing it back improved! - Evan Carroll
  7. Don't fear map and grep (lightning talk) - Mark Gardner
  8. A Nailgun for Raku - Daniel Sockwell
  9. Open Source, Self Hosted Password Management with Bitwarden + Vaultwarden - Daniel Sockwell
  10. Util::H2O is pretty cool (Lightning Talk) - B. Estrade
  11. Bundling Code with FFI::Platypus (Lightning Talk) - Graham Ollis
  12. Fast perceptual image hashing with Perl - Dimitrios Kechagias
  13. Modern Approaches to Ancient Perls - Brian Kelly
  14. Corinna Status, 2022 - Curtis Poe
  15. Perl T20 - The last minute challenges saved by perl - Sangeetha Vijayam
  16. Raku for Beginnners - Bruce Gray
  17. Three Ways to Make Wrong Code Look Wrong (er) - Daniel Sockwell
  18. Why Do Programmers Love Rust? - Dave Rolsky
  19. The Perl Navigator: Code Intelligence for any Editor - Brian Scannell
  20. Database Dance: DBIx::Class and Dancer2 treachery to increase web app performance - Ruth Halloway
  21. Content Audit and Gap Analysis of Perl's Core Documentation - Khawar Latif Khan
  22. Introduction to OpenMP for Perl Programmers - Brett Estrade
  23. State of the Art: Perl and Multithreading via OpenMP - Brett Estrade
  24. The Database Dance - DBIX and Dancer treachery to increase performance - Ruth Holloway
  25. People Still Use Perl? - Twenty Years of Making a Living with a Dead Language - Ruth Holloway
  26. Lemons to Lemonade - Matthew O. Persico
  27. GraphQL in Perl - a basic intro
  28. Mastering English in Perl - Makoto Nozaki
  29. What A.I. Fears Most - Tristan Wallace
  30. IPv4 subnetting for humans - Teddy Vandenberg
  31. Perl Updates - Bruce Gray
  32. Captive Camel - Restricted Shells - William E Little Jr.
  33. CLI Tools I Use - Dave Rolsky
  34. Dispatches from Raku - Daniel Sockwell
  35. Ancient Code (in Raku) - Matthew Stuckwisch
  36. SQL::Abstract - Caveat Emptor - Dimitrios Kechagias
  37. Containerization in Perl - Evan Carroll
  38. Perl|Raku compared with _____________ - Daniel Sockwell
  39. Perl objects: "differently right"
  40. Thank you - Ruth Holloway
  41. The NEXT steps to simplify EVERY::LAST class you write with mro - Steven Lembark
  42. Juggling Patterns in Perl - William N. Braswell Jr.
  43. Supercharging Perl - Daina Pettit
  44. Make a module for you and others: creation and submission to Fez - Matthew Stuckwisch
  45. Playing nice with others using the new COERCE protocol - Matthew Stuckwisch


Sorry the feed to generate this list is incomplete, does anyone know how to get an accurate one?


generated complete list by grabbing JSON data from playlist.

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