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Re: Ensure Only One Instance of Your Script is Running... with 'ps -ef' ?

by stevieb (Canon)
on Dec 06, 2022 at 06:34 UTC ( [id://11148598]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Ensure Only One Instance of Your Script is Running... with 'ps -ef' ?

Shout out to bliako for this:

Hmmm. I would say, stick either with flock/highlander or with the shared-memory approach of Script::Singleton (my preference is with the memory-based approach which is more universal than the file-system approach).

...and hippo for this:

If managing your own lockfiles with flock is too tricky then why not simply use Script::Singleton as stevieb suggested here? That's a simple, reliable solution.

When I read things like this it becomes apparent that my dedication to Perl (and Open Source in general) is acknowledged and appreciated. Thank you guys! It's all of you that keeps me going.

With that said, to anyone new or just coming up, work hard. Ask questions. Answer questions. Put something on the CPAN. I am paid because I put stuff on the CPAN. Perl is a very high paying profession. Become trusted in the Perl ecosystem and you will have a career.

I have, myself had influence on several hires. If you have a CPAN profile, you've contributed. It doesn't matter if you're embarrassed. Just get work in the open. The willingness to get something in public is more important than how 'good' the work is. Being public is far more important than having publicity.

Your resume/CV is "where's your Github/CPAN". Just get your code out there, no matter how bad or good you think it is. I've helped hire people because they've published something over those who haven't. Code I perceive as horrible that is published globally is far better than awesome code that isn't. I want someone who is confident in what they do; not someone who's waiting until they write the best thing. Technique can be trained; confidence can not.

My theory is if there's as close to 100% test coverage, it doesn't matter how good the code does; it's assured the code does what it says it does.

Tests. Documentation. Code. Publish. Be acknowledged.

Merry Christmas!

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