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Re: use Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess - cannot pass argument to the subprocess

by PerlDiver (Initiate)
on Mar 27, 2023 at 17:50 UTC ( [id://11151267] : note . print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to use Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess - cannot pass argument to the subprocess

I have done it with closure. Sure, I tried it at the first and it did not work, so I started searching for an alternative (this is how I came to the approach in the OP).

The problem is with the for() loops. I cannot use in the subprocess any var, crated within the loop for() even $_).

I am not sure I understand - why :)

What was the remedy:

my @looper = (0..5); foreach my $lp (@looper){ ... subprocess preparation as in the OP ... sub { my $i = $lp || 5; return $i; } }

Now it shows every number from the @looper.

The complete working example:

use Mojo::Base -strict, -signatures, -async_await; use Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess; use Mojo::Promise; async sub testMehod{ $c->render_later; my $start_timer1 = Time::HiRes::gettimeofday(); show "BEFORE"; my @promises; my @looper = (0..5); foreach my $lp (@looper){ say "(START) This is $lp loop"; my $subprocess = Mojo::IOLoop::Subprocess->new; push @promises, $subprocess->run_p( sub { my $i = $lp || 5; my $sp = shift; # $subprocess #my $i = shift || 3; #my $promise = Mojo::Promise->new; say "Hello, from $i and $$!"; sleep 2; say "Good bye, from $i and $$!"; #$promise->resolve("Done for $i"); #return $promise; return "Done for $i"; #}->($_) } )->then(sub ($_result) { show $_result; return $_result; })->catch(sub { my $err = shift; say "Subprocess error: $err"; }); $subprocess->ioloop->start unless $subprocess->ioloop->is_runn +ing; say "(END) This is $lp loop"; } my @results = await Mojo::Promise->all_settled(@promises); show @results; my $stop_timer1 = Time::HiRes::gettimeofday(); my $total1 = sprintf("%.5f\n", $stop_timer1 - $start_timer1); return $c->render(text => "All done. Parallel: within $total1", st +atus => 405); }

If you know - why it did not work with for() loop - please, kindly, share this knowledge :)

Thank you!