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cb stats

by chatterbot (Initiate)
on Nov 21, 2023 at 14:19 UTC ( [id://11155739]=document: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Chatterbox statistics, derived from cavac's chatterbox database.

Last updated: 2024-06-14 05:26:16 UTC

The statistics analyzer considers all messages posted within the last 7 days.

Big Numbers

Type Analysis
 Happiness  Corion expressed happyness 8 times.
Our dear marioroy was nearly as happy, but only smiled 2 times.
 Sadness  No monks expressed their sadness!
 Thoughtfulness  No monks expressed their thoughtfulness!
 Inquisitive  ambrus asked 1 questions.
Corion was't as inquisitive, only seeking 1 answers.
 Loudness  7 times, Corion used their loud voice to make statements.
choroba only banged their fist on the table 5 times.
 Inner thoughts  At least 2 times, chatterbot voiced their inner thoughts in chat.
choroba was watching YouTube and only had creative thoughts 2 times.
 Agressive  No monks expressed their thoughtfullness!
 Party pooper  Corion destroyed 11 converstations.
Nearly as bad was marto. They stopped the discussions 5 times.
 Conversation Starter  Corion started 10 converstations.
marioroy was nearly as lonely and started 5 new discussions.
 Deep Sleep  Thanks to marioroy, chat woke up after, 30 hours.
marto was a little more impatient, letting chat only sleep 21 hours.
 Long lines  Corion wrote the longest lines with 125.28 characters.
jdporter tried to keep up, but only managed an average of 82 characters.
 Short lines  Happy-the-monk wrote the shortest lines with 13 characters.
LanX tried to be as concise, but failed with an average of 34 characters.
 Talkative  Corion was very talkative and typed a total of 1083 words.
choroba tried to get a word in edgewise with, only managed to write 203 words.
 Monologue  Supervillain Corion gave a 4 line monologue.
Their sidekick marioroy, still in training, only managed 4 lines.

Nodes with the highest karma

Node Karma
Lanx 2
erix 1
LanX 1
chatterbot -1

Nodes with the worst karma

Node Karma
chatterbot -1
erix 1
LanX 1
Lanx 2

Top karma givers

User Interactions
cavac 2
LanX 2
NodeReaper 1

This weeks karma reasons

Link Karma Reason
Lanx +1 reporting karma backdoors
Lanx +1 abusing karma backdoors
LanX +1 Creative use of chatterbot exploits
erix +1 Creative use of chatterbot exploits
chatterbot -1 YOU SHALL NOT PASS (the next code review)

User watch

User Comment
paco Paco was last seen 24 years ago, but he will return!
GrandFather As always, GrandFather was busy doling out wisdom, only 4 hours ago.
LanX Only 8 hours ago, LanX was seeking knowledge in the Monastery.
cavac Chatterbot creator was last seen rummaging around in my brain about 14 hours ago.
erzuuli 13 hours ago, erzuuli was caught sneakily adding features to the Monastery.

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