PM XP is just a game,
I know, but yet, and just the same,
The points and levels as they might,
Add extra fun to PM's site.

With each and every node a score,
Begs to some to come for more,
It sends a message loud and clear,
Please come back, we love you here.

But if you hang around for long
You'll hear another PM song,
That you should just ignore XP
And let those silly numbers be.

The points are simply for the node,
Regardless of what you have been told,
It's not a pat or user slight,
It's based upon a node's own might.

Who can argue with what's right?
I'd like to say i've seen the light.
But still deep down the voices say
How many points you have today!

Am i wrong to say i care?
Or any time i look what's there?
Or where i rank inside the Book,
Not that i'll admit i look.

Perhaps a game, though on the side,
With content being the main stride,
As long as you act in that way,
It's okay if you like to play.