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Re^2: using smartmatch for range matching

by perltux (Monk)
on Nov 25, 2023 at 16:33 UTC ( [id://11155822]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: using smartmatch for range matching
in thread using smartmatch for range matching

I try to avoid using non core modules as much as possible as they would make my programs less portable (most Linux distros offer only a limited selection of packaged Perl modules and using cpan is not an option if I want to package my program for a Linux distro).

So to reformulate my question: Is there a more elegant solution similar to the smartmatch example and without using non-core modules?

Quoting from the link you kindly provided with regards to deprecation of smartmatch:

" its behavior is noticed for being unnecessarily complex and unintuitive"

It looks like the "dumbing down everything" disease has sadly reached Perl too... :-(

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