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Re^2: is CPAN::WAIT dead?

by pope-indigent (Initiate)
on Feb 18, 2024 at 22:04 UTC ( [id://11157782]=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: is CPAN::WAIT dead?
in thread is CPAN::WAIT dead?

Looks like the absence of the server was not the major problem ... there was an alarm set, there, so it just kills some time.

I have not debugged it further, looks like some of the fuzzy search funcs are failing.

I'd like to find a known active server, but I know of none. Maybe I'll come back to setting one up.

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Re^3: is CPAN::WAIT dead?
by marto (Cardinal) on Feb 18, 2024 at 22:36 UTC

    This may have made sense decades ago, unless you need to run a cpan 'offline', there's no sense in setting anything else up. Re^10: Using a Fetchrow with LWP. If you do need to create an offline mirror/darkpan see minicpan.

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