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LPW 2024 - Call For Papers and Sponsors

by leej (Scribe)
on May 01, 2024 at 19:13 UTC ( [id://11159197]=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

The London Perl & Raku Workshop (LPW) will take place this year on Saturday 26th October and you are encouraged to submit your talk proposals now. We have already had 30 registrations for the workshop so we anticipate a good turnout this year.

We welcome proposals relating to Perl 5, Raku, other languages, and supporting technologies. We may even have space for a couple of talks entirely tangential as we are close to finalising the venue (very central London) and should have room for two tracks.

Talks may be long (40mins), short (20 mins), or very short (aka lightning, 5 mins) but we would prefer talks to be on the shorter side and will likely prioritise 20min talks. We would also be pleased to accept proposals for tutorials and discussions. The deadline for submissions is 30th September.

We would really like to have more first time speakers. If you’d like help with a talk proposal, and/or the talk itself, let us know - we’ve got people happy to be your talk buddy!

Register (it's free!) and submit your talk on the workshop site.

We would also like to make a call for sponsors - does your company want to support the workshop? By sponsoring LPW you can demonstrate your support for the Perl and/or Raku languages and nurture your relationship with the local developer community. Much more information can be found on the workshop site along with a sponsor prospectus.

As well as the benefits as listed on the aforementioned page, sponsors will all feature in blog posts, news posts, social media posts. That starts right now, with our first sponsors who have already generously sponsored the workshop:

With thanks from The London Perl & Raku Workshop 2024 organising team.

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