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I am trying to use Text::Graph and it says it is called as follows:
my $graph = Text::Graph->new( 'Bar' ); print $graph->to_string( [1,2,4,5,10,3,5], labels => [ qw/aaaa bb ccc dddddd ee f ghi/ ] +, );
I am looking through a database result set and generating what I thought was an "array" as follows:
while (@rowdata = $sth->fetchrow_array()) { push (@chart_data, $rowdata[2]+0); push (@chart_labels, $rowdata[0].' '.$rowdata[1].':00'); } $graph->to_string(@chart_data, labels=>@chart_labels);

The issue is that my "array" craps out when I call

as I do not think it is the "same kind of array" that it is expecting.

How do I create the kind of "array" the example call is expecting?