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Hi all..

My original file FA.vhd is as follows...

component MAJ3 port( A : in std_logic := 'U'; enable : in std_logic; B : in std_logic := 'U'; C : in std_logic := 'U'; Y : out std_logic ); end component; signal \GND\, \VCC\, N_5, a_c, b_c, c_c, sum_c, GND_0, VCC_0 : std_logic; begin enable_pad : INBUF port map (PAD => enable, Y => enable_c);

i have one more file enabled_nets.txt that has follwoing lines..

a_e b_e c_e

i want to modify the signal declaration statement in FA.vhd as

signal \GND\, \VCC\, N_5, a_c, b_c, c_c, sum_c, GND_0, VCC_0, a_e, b_e, c_e, enable_c: std_logic;

i.e. i want to include the words in enabled_nets.txt to signal declaration part of FA.vhd as mentioned above, along with this i want to add one more signal enable_c also, and all these word need to be comma separated... Here is the perl script i have written for this... Correct the mistake in it monks.... Thank you all for your valuable time....

open (IN1, "<FA.vhd") or die; open (OUT, ">common_modify.vhd") or die; while (<IN1>) { print OUT; if (/signal/){ open (IN2, "<enabled_nets.txt") or die; my @enabled_nets = <IN2>; chomp @enabled_nets; while (<IN2>) { print OUT ; print OUT ',enable_c,'; } close (IN2); } } close (IN1); close (OUT);