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Re: Re: Re: Secure Linux

by shotgunefx (Parson)
on Sep 16, 2001 at 07:04 UTC ( #112682=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Secure Linux
in thread Secure Linux

It might be funny to start a rumor, but I don't see how that's what I'm doing. Given the track record, Eschelon, Carnivore etc. Do you really think a thorough code audit isn't in order? I certainly think there is merit in the project. I just think the potential certainly could be there and it needs to be looked at.


"To be civilized is to deny one's nature."

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Secure Linux
by andreychek (Parson) on Sep 16, 2001 at 08:37 UTC
    Now that I reread my post -- I realize I must appologize.. I was not at all accusing you of starting such a rumour, nor do I think that was your intention. I was joking about our ability -- right here, right now.. creating a new post which was a rumour about that. But I was only joking, and I don't advocate speading false rumours :-)

    I agree that a code review is always in order, for any code put into the Linux kernel.. or on any system, for that matter. I'm very glad that it's open source software that we're all involved in, for code reviews are a luxury we have.
      I agree. I just thought your post was implying something. My mistake. I guess we agree to agree then.


      "To be civilized is to deny one's nature."

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