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The regex engine silently fails to process strings longer than 2**31 bytes on 64-bits perl's upto and including v5.18.4:

$x = "the quick brown fox\n"; $x x= 107374182; print length $x;; 2147483640 + ### 8 bytes less than 2^31. $n=0; ++$n while $x =~ m[^.*$]mg; print $n;; + ### finds all the lines. 107374182 $x .= "the straw that broke the camel's back\n"; print length $x;; + ### Add another line that pushes the length a few bytes over 2^ +31 2147483678 $n=0; ++$n while $x =~ m[^.*$]mg; print $n;; + ### and it silently fails to find any of them. 0

Before I raise a perlbug, does this fail on later perls? Does it fail on non-windows perls?

If its been fixed already, which version did the fix happen?


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