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Optimized Mandelbrot set generator

by thisisdada (Acolyte)
on Jun 14, 2015 at 22:30 UTC ( #1130397=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

I wrote a Mandelbrot set generator. It works on Windows ActivePerl 5.20.2 x64, but I haven't tried it on *nix. It outputs a smoothed, anti-aliased fractal image to 24-bit .bmp file. For optimizations, it takes advantage of symmetry; it skips the cardoid, the main bulb, and the line across y=0; and it checks for cycles when the iteration count gets high. On my computer (2.40GHz i5-2430M), it takes about 10 minutes to generate a 1500x1000 image.

+ ( + $w, $a) +=@ARGV ;$w- +=$w%12 ;op +en($f, ' +>', $a );binmod +e$f;$|=1;$z= 16384;@g=(" Do +ne!\n","Gene". "r" ."ating fractal + with dimensions " . $w." by ".2/3*$w +."...\n","\nSavin". "g fractal to ".$a +."...");print$f 'BM' .pack('VVVVvvvv',$w +*$w*2+26,$n,26,12,$w,$w *2/3,1,24);sub a{($ +r,$i,$x,$y,$j,@s)=@_; ;; return $z if(($r+1)**2+$i*$ +i<1/16||(($r-1/4)**2+ $i*$i)*((($r -1/4)**2+$i*$i)+($r-1 +/4))<1/4*$i*$i or!$i&& abs($r+1)<1);do{ return $j-log(log($x*$ +x+$y*$y)*0.5/log(2))/ log(2)if((push@s,($x,$y))&&$x*$x+$y*$y>3 +6);$t=1;($x,$y)=($r+ $x* $x-$y*$y,$i+2*$x*$y);if($j%int($z/11)==0& +&$j){for(@s){return $z if($s[$j-$t++]eq$s[$j])}}}while($j++<$z);return$z}$u.=' 'while($o++ +<51);print$g[1]. $u. "]\r[";do{if(($k-1)/($w*($w/3+1))<$n&&$k/ +($w*($w/3+1))>=$n){ $n+=0.02;print'='}$h=4;$v[$k]+=a(3.7*($k +%$w+int($h/3)/3)/$w- 2.6,3.7*(int($k/ $w)+($h--%3-0)/3)/$w)/ +9 while($h>-5)}while( $k++<$w*($w/ 3+1));print$g[2];prin +t$f pack('ccc',(($z-$p )/ $z-2** -($p-2.8))*64*(sin(1 +.1+log($p)*4)-sin(log ($p)*8+1.1)/3+5/3), +(($z-$p)/$z-2**-($p- 2.8))*64*(sin(log( +$p)*4-1.1)+sin(log($p) *8-1.1)/3+5/3),2* +(($z-$p)/$z-2**-($p - 2.8))*63.5*(sin( +log($p)*4-1.25)+1) )while(($p=$v[ +abs($w/3-int($l/$w ))*$w+$l++%$w] ++2.8)-2.8);;;; ;;; ;; close$f; +;#MANDELBROT # +SET #K. +STREHL 06/1 +4/2015 ;;p +rint$g + [0 + ]

The code's designed to look like the set, of course. It takes user input to determine the size of the image and the outfile, i.e.:

C:\Users\Kevin> 1200 mandel.bmp Generating fractal with dimensions 1200 by 800... [==================================================] Saving fractal to mandel.bmp... Done!

If the given pixel width isn't divisible by 12, the program subtracts until it is.

for$b(-25..25){for$a(-50..29){$x=$a/21;$y=$b/15;print$b?chr:chr^chr ord(substr'<6C}'.1x29 .'[FDEq2?@E96Cqa6C=q924',$a)-49;$_=30;($y,$x) =(2*$x*$y+$b/15,$x*$x-$y*$y+$a/21)while$x*$x+$y*$y<9&$_++<95}$_=10}

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Re: Optimized Mandelbrot set generator
by Discipulus (Monsignor) on Jun 15, 2015 at 12:19 UTC
    Oh compiments! Anyway, just for curiosity thisisdada means 'this is dada'? the powerful win32 italian Perl hacker?
    In that case well come back, otherwise welcome thisisdada


    There are no rules, there are no thumbs..
    Reinvent the wheel, then learn The Wheel; may be one day you reinvent one of THE WHEELS.

      Thanks! And no, that's not me. This is just a Reddit name I started using a couple of years ago.

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