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Re: Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills

by Hanamaki (Chaplain)
on Sep 18, 2001 at 23:48 UTC ( #113185=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills

Additional Information:

I think O'Reilly is heavly investing into Bioinformatics. Appart from the book which is reviewed here, there is also a Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics and the O'Reilly Bioinformatics Technology Conference upcoming.

Chapter 1 Biology in the Computer Age and an article about Computers + Biology = Bioinformatics by Cynthia Gibas, coauthor of Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills is available at O'Reilly's.

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Re: Re: Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills
by Moonie (Friar) on Sep 19, 2001 at 01:43 UTC
    Perl and Bioinformatics go well .. hand in hand. There are many modules and tools dedicated to Bioinformatics written in Perl. Here's a good site if you're interested in checking it out -

    - Moon
Re: Re: Developing Bioinformatics Computer Skills
by scain (Curate) on Sep 18, 2001 at 23:54 UTC
    They also host a bioinformatics mailing list; see here for more info.


      For those coming late to this discussion, I would like to point out that the O'Reilly list is no longer active. I suggest people look at the lists instead

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