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by true (Pilgrim)
on Sep 19, 2001 at 05:34 UTC ( #113251=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Introducing, Gigfoot Web Hosting, my first 100% fully automated self-propelled web hosting vending machine. An automated webserver, built and run 100% by perl. Handles apache, dns, sendmail, ftp, the works. RedHat Enterprise Linux powered by perl. Perl manages the users, allows people to join, handles billing via paypal, and provides the user with a domain control panel. User's can change every aspect of the domain/s. Anyways, been a long time coming, we finally opened our doors June 1 2004. Thanks to perlmonks who answered questions which got gigfoot where it is today. howdy, my name is james true.
My 3D site:3D Tools & Software
Perl Wav Mixer and Sequencer in Flash
My site dedicated to Asheville, NC
My site dedicated to Skiing & Snowboarding is my first hosting company. I use it to fund root to my web server. Now, we have five servers on the QWest backbone. Apache has been a big interest of mine. My web server is linux and my main home desktop is win2k.
some code i'm still working on.

my $Linux = "What now"; my $Win32 = "Now what";

My code library, mostly in perl. Web Tools

Major perling on my LLC i started.
It's a fully automated hosting box.
Grand opening on June 1st 2004!
Get on the Gigfoot!
Looking for something?

Finally launched my 2d cartoon site Please come and say hello. Cartoons

Trying to buy my first house so i built a mortgage calculator in perl.

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