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Re: And here's why I think "downvotes" should be eliminated, or tabulated separately ...

by marinersk (Priest)
on Jun 29, 2015 at 20:17 UTC ( #1132521=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to And here's why I think "downvotes" should be eliminated, or tabulated separately ...

The only people I have ever seen indicate any kind of notion that PerlMonks is hostile is you, and two newbies who had the misfortune of being on CB whilst jeffa was on one of his recent disruption game exercises in the ChatterBox.

That's it. Three people. (And, to be fair, there's no proof that the other two weren't just jeffa's sock puppets.)

Otherwise, I've seen no indication at all that anyone thinks PerlMonks is hostile. Certainly not anyone who has survived asking a question at other online interactive collaborative resource sites.

I've had a few bouts of being on PerlMonks very nearly round the clock, and through a combination of a small case of insomnia and extensive use of the Last Hour of CB node (which, I recently discovered, does not filter based on the /ignoresettings), recently caught some 72 hours of nearly uninterrupted CB activity.

It's a small sample set, but I'm just not seeing whatever it is that impels you to proclaim that a negative opinion of PerlMonks exists as a "reputation".

I don't suppose...I can't believe I'm actually going to ask this question but I guess I have a morbid sense of curiosity...would you be able to provide evidence to support the assertion? This, knowing full well that we are held to our honor not to repeat the words of any Monk's CB chatter after it falls away from the Last Hour page.

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